This site is the work of my retirement, in 2008, from university research and teaching in plant and environmental science. Being based in north Wales means ready access to a wide range of superb habitats; I thought I knew the area while I was working, but I was wrong. Now there is time to keep exploring, looking - and learning to see – in Wales and the rest of the UK.
I hope these photos are informed but not dominated by my science. Science has both helped us start to understand the world around us, and to identify the damage we are doing to it. Our landscape is subject to the usual litany of environmental challenges: climate change, habitat fragmentation and loss, over-use, pollution, reduced biodiversity, invasive species, soil erosion .... one might add to this academic list the unnecessary introduction of ugliness. It seems timely and necessary to both celebrate and record the remarkable beauty we have left, and to learn to see its fragility.
So do we have a beautiful landscape marred by occasional signs of inappropriate human activity, or do we have a predominantly fragmented, urbanised and degraded landscape that still contains a few places of numinous beauty? I fear that both science and photography suggest the latter. There is much we can and should do to nurture what we have left.

Incidentally, there are two other photographic John Farrars with a web presence - from Brighton and Dartmoor. Vive la difference.